Why every homeowner should look into efficient wood stoves

More than 12 million American households heat their homes with wood stoves, yet 9 million of those stoves are dirty and inefficient. While damaging, this environmental issue doesn’t mean the end of wood stoves. There’s a proven fix — transitioning from old, inefficient wood stoves to modern, EPA-certified models.

To reduce pollution output by half, look for stoves with glass-ceramic fronts, updated combustion technology, and an EPA certification. Upgrading will not only help the environment but also burn less fuel, improve energy efficiency, and save money through federal tax breaks and increased efficiency in heating your home.

Is your wood stove as efficient as it should be? To learn about your stove’s efficiencies, the benefits of modern wood stoves, and what to look for when buying an EPA-certified model, check out SCHOTT’s Wonders of Wood Stoves infographic.

Wood Stove Infographic

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