Welcome the world’s newest superhero: The Man of Glass

Comic book superheroes are fighting their way off the page and exploding into popular culture like never before. The rise in superhero popularity over the last several years has introduced the world to thousands of characters gifted with everything from mind control to super speed. We couldn’t help but wonder why, in such a massive and mighty comic book universe, no character harnesses the superpowers of glass.

All too often, glass is perceived as fragile and weak, but in reality, it’s just the opposite — something we explained in a recent post about the strength of glass and steel. Eric Urruti highlighted the superpowers of glass, including compression strength, thermal strength, and longevity. Superheroes have represented the strengths of many materials over the years, including Ironman, Plastic Man, and of course the Man of Steel. But now it’s time for glass to have a superhero of its own — The Man of Glass. Stay tuned for future Man of Glass adventures, exclusive to the Glass Made of Ideas blog.

Man of Glass

About the Man of Glass

Place of Birth: Born of the molten glass rains of alien planet HD 189733b.

Occupation: Glass researcher by day. Moonlights as a justice-dealing superhero at night.


Super strength

Heat resistance



Mission: To defend Earth from those who wish to shatter it. Committed to justice and innovation for all.









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