The secret ingredient to fireplace efficiency and new design

Fireplaces and woodstoves keep many houses warm in the winter, but sometimes they get too hot. Surrounding furniture, carpeting, and curtains start to heat up and homeowners can quickly go from cozy to sweating.

The trick is to engineer a way to gain all the benefits of the fire – the warmth, the views of the flames, the centerpiece for a room – while containing the right amount of heat in the firebox. That not only keeps the temperature comfortable, but also ups the efficiency and opens new design possibilities for fireplaces and woodstoves.

And it all starts with glass-ceramic. Here’s how SCHOTT’s new ROBAX® IR Max glass-ceramic can keep fires cozy.



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Hello, I’m Ted Wegert, Director Applications Engineering at SCHOTT North America. I specialize in product and material development and design, and mechanical analyses for glass and glass-ceramics. I’ve worked for SCHOTT for more than 18 years, leading product development for appliances, fireplaces, armor, and other industry applications. I’m an active member of the Association of Home Appliance Members, UL Environment, and the American Ceramic Society. I earned my bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University. When I’m not working, I enjoy mountain biking, cyclocross, reading, and forming glass art. I’m also a frequent home renovator.

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