The grill masters have spoken: A glass grill lid raises the stakes of your grill game

It takes a special mastery of time, heat, and patience to grill a flavorful hamburger that’s cooked just right – juicy on the inside with a firm crisp crust. The most seasoned grill masters know that flare ups can harshly char a burger, leaving it burnt but undercooked.

It’s a common problem, so we recently asked 400 grill masters who love to barbecue for their thoughts on a glass-ceramic window in a barbecue lid – a solution that would let these backyard cooks keep a closer eye on their burgers. These are serious grillers: They barbecue at least once a week and average about five grilling sessions each month in the spring and summer. They own mid-range to high-end grills, and the average cook spent more than $1,000 on his or her current grill.

Bottom line? They loved the window. 54 percent said a glass grill lid helps monitor food and flare ups, and 31 percent said it improves the overall BBQ experience. So what else did these burger-flipping barbecuers think about glass grill lids? Let’s dive into the numbers.

Download (PDF, 2.02MB)

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