The 4 biggest hearth, patio, and barbecue trends at HPBExpo 2015

The popularity of home and hearth products is undeniable, and finally, after years of a slowdown caused by the recent recession, the barbecue and hearth industries are regaining traction. Consumers are finally refreshing their fireplaces and barbecues, and the industry is ready to answer that demand with a whole range of new hearth and home technology.

About 80 percent of North American households already own a grill or smoker and 40 percent of homebuyers are willing to pay more for a home with a fireplace. Plus, hearth appliance shipments are on the rise, with more than one million U.S. shipments in 2013 alone and 2015 predictions continuing to slant upward.

The latest and greatest in grill, fireplace, and hearth technology will be on display at this year’s Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Expo, held in Nashville from March 5 through 7. Interested in learning about some of the hot hearth and patio gadgets? Here are the four hot trends that we expect to see at this year’s show.

Glass-lid grills are finally here: We’ve all heard that old refrain that if you lift the lid, you’ll let out the heat. But this was often easier said than done, until recently. A number of grills are now equipped with glass-ceramic lids that grant barbecuers the perfect view of food without the need to open the hood. A new grill from SABER called EDGE features a glass-ceramic lid option, and will be one of many glass-lid grills on display at this year’s expo.

Bringing the inside out: Patios are undergoing a transformation. They’re no longer seen as just an outside seating area, but as an additional room of the house. These outdoor spaces are designed with entertaining in mind, and now feature everything from built-in cooking areas to fireplaces to comfortable seating. Designers are incorporating cozy elements — couches, canopies, and modern cooking surfaces — into these outdoor spaces in an effort to make the patio just another extension of the living room or kitchen.

The era of smart cooking and accessories: The smart home has extended out to the back patio, and now smart technology is lending a helping hand on the grill. Expect to see more cooking devices that sync with smartphones and tablets to help barbecuers stay on top of their meals. These features can warn cooks when the propane tank is running low and alert grillers when their steak is ready. SABER’s EDGE grill, for example, pairs with smart phones to let cooks monitor gas level, temperatures, lit burners, and battery life. We expect to see a number of smart connected grills and tech-savvy attachments entering the market in the coming years.

A focus on the fireplace: Fireplaces serve as the focal point of many living rooms, and today home designers are opting for more modern and creative hearth styles. Glass-ceramic fireplace panels can be crafted in a plethora of shapes and sizes to add yet another design element that’s both beautiful and functional. For example, the first-ever 270-degree glass-ceramic fireplace panel will be on display to give HPBExpo-goers an all-around view of the fire. Fireplaces covered with glass-ceramic can more evenly radiate heat and offer clearer views into the fire than tempered glass.

With the hearth industry finally back on the rise, HPBExpo is expected to be bigger than ever this year. Visit the SCHOTT HPBExpo microsite, and stop by our booth (#2122) at HPBExpo to talk more about grills and fireplaces.

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