SCHOTT in the News: Putting ultra-thin glass in your hands

That’s the world’s strongest thinnest glass. And yes, it bends too.

We recently traveled to San Francisco and New York and gave members of the media the chance to touch (and bend) our ultra-thin glass. Rüdiger Sprengard, SCHOTT’s business development director of ultra-thin glass, and Eric Urruti, the head of Research and Technology Development at SCHOTT North America, displayed the ultra-thin glass portfolio and detailed the technologies it could improve, such as smartphones, bio-sensors, batteries, semiconductors, and OLED displays.

SCHOTT's Rüdiger Sprengard speaks with a journalist about ultra-thin glass.

SCHOTT’s Rüdiger Sprengard speaks with a journalist about ultra-thin glass.

CNN's Samuel Burke unveils the giant role of thin glass.

CNN’s Samuel Burke unveils the giant role of thin glass.


First, we met with CNET’s Sean Hollister, whose dream of a rollable laptop and phone could be fulfilled with ultra-thin glass.

While we were in San Francisco, we also talked with Katherine Bourzac from MIT Technology Review. After holding a sheet of this thin glass, Bourzac detailed SCHOTT’s new method of producing and strengthening the glass., GineersNow, and Idea Connection picked up our ultra-thin glass story, too.

Then we traveled to CNN headquarters in New York City. CNN’s Samuel Burke shows us how bendable and strong our ultra-thin glass is, and why it could be used in wearables and rollable technology in the future.

As you can see, ultra-thin glass has untapped potential. Once engineers from around the world get their hands on the material, the design possibilities are limitless.

Roll of Ultra-thin glass

You might be seeing this strongest thinnest glass in your next smartphone or wearable, or perhaps in a bendable laptop or TV. But remember, this ultra-thin glass is super slim, so keep your eyes open.

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I’m Rüdiger Sprengard, Head of Augmented Reality for SCHOTT’s Advanced Optics business unit. Prior to my current role I was Director of New Business for SCHOTT’s ultra-thin glass division. Throughout my career at SCHOTT, I’ve spent many years in research and development focusing on OLED lighting devices, and served as the Director of Development New Products and Materials for almost a decade. My education is in solid state physics, and I received a Ph.D. on phase transitions in nanostructured glass from the University of Mainz in Germany. In my spare time, I love all-things Italy; I simply love the language, the culture, the food, and often travel there with my family.

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