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Glass Made of Ideas
Posted On: June 24, 2015

By: Rina Della Vecchia

The great astronomers of the past formulated theories and developed new ideas with simple lenses in their telescopes. Eventually, science and industrial communities partnered to develop more complex systems like the Hubble Telescope, which just celebrated 25 years of breathtaking images and discovery. [...] » Read More
Posted On: June 15, 2015

By: Lutz Gruebel

How do you protect innovation? In the case of smartphones and tablets with glass screens, you use an equally innovative glass coating. [...] » Read More
Posted On: June 9, 2015

By: Tina Gallo

In the heart of the Texas desert, an optical telescope is on a mission to spot the invisible. The Hobby-Eberly Telescope, located at The University of Texas McDonald Observatory, is the world’s third largest optical telescope, yet it’s currently undergoing modifications to look beyond the visible and uncover the unseen forces that expand our universe. [...] » Read More
Posted On: May 27, 2015

By: Suzann Erben

The world’s largest industrially manufactured glass tube recently made its debut. Produced in Mitterteich, Germany, its 18-inch outer diameter is bigger than a large New York City pizza. [...] » Read More
Posted On: May 18, 2015

By: Ted Wegert

The 1893 Chicago World’s Fair was known for the innovations and firsts it brought to the world: Fairgoers reached new heights aboard the first Ferris Wheel, the precursor to the zipper (called the clasp locker) was displayed, and the electric stove proved that electricity could replace hearths in American homes. [...] » Read More
Posted On: May 14, 2015

By: Ted Wegert

Barbecue season is back. But before lighting the charcoal bricks or spreading meats and veggies across your grill grates, take a peek at the ultimate barbecues ready to hit your backyard. [...] » Read More
Posted On: April 28, 2015

By: Nikolaos Katsikis

Some of the biggest innovations in algae production can come from the smallest of improvements. Algae companies are hard at work experimenting with variations in equipment and processes, seeking better ways to grow their strains of algae into commercially viable fuels, feed, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics, among other products. These building blocks of progress have improved understanding of algae production and are shifting the way algae is grown. And small changes are making a big difference. [...] » Read More
Posted On: April 22, 2015

By: Anil Busimi

It’s a question we hear again and again. A question that has greater importance for pharmaceutical manufacturers as the popularity of prefilled syringes (PFSs) continues to rise, and manufacturers must not only develop an effective drug, but a streamlined and safe delivery system. A question that shows how pharmaceutical packaging plays a significant role in drug success, even as choosing the “right” packaging material for a drug remains a hot area of debate. [...] » Read More